Inspired by the West Coast and its many incredible cloud formations, my paintings are a direct response to the silent beauty of light penetrating the darkness which brings a sense of calmness to all it envelops. Traveling along the West Coast has provided an endless source of material from which I am create my landscape paintings.

Artist, Louise Bourgeois created art to survive, to understand emotion and pain; this relates to my creative process in a similar way because art provides me with an understanding for my visual imagery. Art gives my life balance and once I have completed an image I can walk away. It is beauty I desire in my work and once I complete an idea then I can move on to the next canvas.

Living in an urban setting with limited living and breathing room has allowed art to become my escape to a place of calm. My love of space and simplicity comes out in the images I create in my art work. Traditional masters; John Constable, JMW Turner, Courbet and Lawren Harris have all provided artistic influence giving me a deep appreciation and admiration for their work. I use a minimalist approach to compose the land and draw the viewer into the sky above. To capture the emotional feel of the atmosphere, the different time of day, season or temperature and lighting I remove a lot of detail and use colour. I give the ground a figurative look which provides an organic feel but allows the viewer to focus above it. My goal in the landscapes I paint is to create a portal in which the viewer can escape to a place of calmness and serenity.

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